Navigating the Social Security Disability system can be difficult. Too often deserving Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI) claims are denied. MI ABOGADO, P.C. and its partner, California Disability Rights Center are each a private law firm and Social Security attorneys and disability lawyers that are devoted to fighting for disabled people and their right to receive Social Security Disability benefits. We help people that need to apply for disability benefits and those that were denied disability benefits and need to appeal. We will also present your case in court in front of a judge if needed. The sooner a disability lawyer gets involved in your disability benefits claim, the easier the process can be affected. Your chances of winning disability benefits are greatly improved when represented by an experienced Social Security Disability attorney.

We promote the rights of individuals with disabilities and strive to attain justice and equal treatment in businesses, housing, government services, transportation and employment.

MI ABOGADO,P.C. is dedicated to providing representation to individuals with disabilities and groups representing the disabled community.

MI ABOGADO,P.C. envisions a society where abilities rather than disabilities are emphasized; where all people have an equal opportunity to participate in society; where all people are treated with equity, dignity and respect for their expressed choices.